What happens when a Professional Photographer goes on holiday?

Photography is not only a part of my job, it is the thing I enjoy above almost all other things I can do.

When I go on holiday, my camera is the first thing I prepare while packing because I cannot go anywhere without it. When I found out we were meeting in Mauritius, images I had seen before of clear blue sea and magical skies went through my mind, and the opportunity to take my own was exciting!

For a week in December I met up with my mother and sister at the Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette Hotel in Mauritius. We live in different countries so I had not seen them in a year and I was looking forward to spending time with them and making new memories that would last me until I see them again.


Our holiday was so special. It was all about relaxing and taking time out, and just being with one another.

We were treated to such beautiful views!

The hotel itself was incredible!


We were well looked after by the Radisson Blu Hotel staff, who added to making our time together so special!

Diane never failed to greet us with the friendliest smile I have ever seen! She gave us elegant henna tattoos which is something easily available where I live, but I have not gotten one so well done.


Sachin (who I unfortunately did not get to photograph) and Jonathan kept the drinks coming. We were spoiled to cheeky cocktails that complimented the island holiday theme so well.

These two beautiful ladies, Sweety and Reena, took care of us at the spa. The first thing I did was visit the spa; I got my nails done, a full body deep tissue massage (which was heaven), and then I fell asleep with the room doors wide open while it rained (which was, again, heaven).

One of our holiday highlights was the cocktail party hosted by the hotel on Christmas Eve. It was a pleasure to meet the managers, Ritesh and Patrick, who both share my love for traveling!

I did not manage to photograph Arvin, whose sense of humour and genuine conversation kept many evenings up-beat – along with the entertainment.

Each night dinner had a different theme, from Sega dancing to ballroom, and traditional Indian dancing as well. My personal favourite was the jazz band who performed the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. As per any jazz band, the best part was the saxophonist.

The trip was tied together with a glass-bottom boat ride. Remember the clear blue ocean I spoke about earlier?

And those magical skies?

It was a wonderful holiday; I could not put my camera down. I have memories for which I am grateful, and a place to return to when next I am in Mauritius (which I hope will be soon)!

My family and I wish you a Happy New Year and pray that God blesses your 2019!






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  1. Vicky Camara says:

    Beautiful. We were in Point Aux Cannonier, Mauritius in the April of 2018 after almost 19 years to our last visit.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kayla Nobrega says:

    Wow! I am hoping my next visit is not 19 years away 😀


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