The Eardly Family / Birthday Shoot / Motor City, Dubai

This blog post is just under a year late. I love these photos – not only do the people in them mean a lot to me, but this was the first shoot I did with my 5D!

Last year, for Ace’s first birthday, his family celebrated by having a special shoot with his extended uncles and aunts!

AceTurnsOne (1)

AceTurnsOne (11)

AceTurnsOne (14)

AceTurnsOne (19)

AceTurnsOne (24)

Mom and dad!

AceTurnsOne (51)

His youngest baby sitters.

AceTurnsOne (60)

Favourite Uncle!

AceTurnsOne (88)

Aunty Kyna ❤

AceTurnsOne (44)

Aunty Bae xxx

AceTurnsOne (63)

AceTurnsOne (70)

AceTurnsOne (96)

Happy Birthday, Ace (…a whole year later…)



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