C & R / Engagement Shoot / Al Qudra Desert, Dubai

Towards the end of last year, I got the privilege of getting to know Caleb and Ronnie. They are a beautiful couple, with eyes on fire for each other. Their engagement shoot was one of my favourite moments to be a part of.

The best thing about sincere love is that it is obvious where it is present. These two could not hide the fact that they’re in love even if they tried. It was the best thing to capture!

My favourite part of the shoot was when I was photographing solo shots of Ronnie. She was standing on top of a sand dune, with the sunset behind her and the wind making her hair wild!

I asked Caleb to step to the side so that I could photograph Ronnie on her own. He came and stood next to me and when he turned around and saw what I saw, all he could breathe out was, “wow…”

This shoot was a mixture of many of my favourite things; happy people, madly in love, and a beautiful sunset. I got to shoot Caleb and Ronnie’s wedding a few months later, which you can find in the link below.

*link will be inserted once post is up*


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