Free will is something we all have, and something we practice on a daily basis (apparently – I cannot remember where I heard this – we make decisions on an average of 36 000 times a day). While free will is an amazing gift, I have found it to be a heavy responsibility as well.

It is all very well to choose what you want out of life, but the thing about the choice being left up to you is that the consequences are yours to carry as well, be them good or bad.

And I struggle with that.


“What if I choose the wrong thing?” “What if I choose this and lose out on that?” “I don’t want any major regrets!”

These kinds of things weigh heavily on my heart, and make my mind tired.


The video below is a visual expression of what I am learning as I lean on God to guide me through all I fear in making big life decisions. I wish I called the video “Surrender” because I think that is what God is challenging me to do (but that only came to me while I was typing this).


Thank you to Danielle Van Den Berg for helping me with this, and Anindu Bandara for the beautiful music.


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