When God speaks

This revelation started on Friday night – at church – when the host of that particular service took to the mic after worship. His little girl, sitting right at the back with his wife, got so excited when she heard his voice that she could barely stay seated.

I felt God say two things in that moment; a child recognises his/her father’s voice, and nothing else matters when he is speaking.

Tonight, that scene and these lessons played across my mind again when I felt God speak to me again. Tonight He used my favourite means of communication; photography.

I have recently become intrigued by long exposure photography, and I love photographing the night sky when it is cloudy. I was doing that through my bedroom window – with a basic idea of what image I wanted, and all sorts of other thoughts running through my mind as I was clicking away – and God stopped me in my tracks with this image:1-blog

 It was just past 11pm when I took this photo. It was actually an exposure test shot, but when I saw it, I imagined all the categories of thoughts in my mind to be kept in their own rooms. A few of these rooms are dark, because I have not fully surrendered them to God’s wise counsel and grace.

God showed me how when you open up the room to Him, He can let His love shine in. Light does a beautiful thing to a room; it helps one find where everything is placed, as well as set the mood for the room. If I want order and peace, I need to let God show me what is where – this also invites Him in to help us clean up, clear out, and rearrange the content (thoughts) of each room.

Additionally, this image spoke of God’s glory. He is magnificently beautiful. His ways are awe-inspiring. I could not retake this photograph, it simply would not turn out this way again despite me not moving the camera or changing any of the settings. I saw meaning in this image and started adding certain props to make this meaning apply to certain things specifically, but it just did not work.

This showed me that we cannot fake God’s glory, nor can we shape it to fit where we want it to go. God is bigger than it all, and higher than it all, and it is wrong and impossible for me to fit Him into the needs of each room.

But each room and its needs most certainly fit into Him. After all, I believe each one is from Him and for Him.

God will immerse them all in His light, for my good and for His glory.

There is so much more that could be said, but for now I just want to rejoice in how exciting it is when our Heavenly Father speaks to us, and how beautiful it feels to be able to hear His voice and recognise it. I encourage you to open up – to God – those places that you have not yet surrendered to Him, that His light and glory may fill those places and you may find clarity, peace, and rest.

To God be the glory.

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  1. Rebecca Potou says:

    Wow, that is so true love the analogy of the little and daddy at the mic


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