The quote I shared in the previous post about how living your life inspires your work means so much to me. I love and am inspired by people, and the best way to meet new people is to travel!


I really enjoy what traveling has to offer; new scenery, new sunsets, new food and music, new languages and ways to show respect, new places in which to get lost, and new people!



The one thing that I have not ever been a fan of, though, is the process of getting from one place to another. The rushing, the waiting, and the sleeplessness is never a pleasure.


In August, I had the joy of visiting Thailand! It was my first time going to a place that is not in South Africa or the UAE. Traveling between Johannesburg and Dubai is almost an 8 hour trip, so I knew the 6 hour flight followed by another hour flight, a 45 minute ferry trip, and a taxi ride would render me exhausted and somewhat bored.


I decided to document the “in between” stages of the trip. From the minute we left the house, to the minute we touched down in Dubai on our return, I photographed the waiting moments.


These little ones – Nicola and Roxanne, who are usually my practice models – are lucky enough to fit comfortably in a plane seat. They slept comfortably – on me – throughout most of the trip.


They helped ease my travel-restlessness by letting me photograph them around the airport in Bangkok and on the ferry from Trut to Koh Chang. Nicky has told me she wants to be a “tographer” like me, and got to take a few photos of her own.


Yes! Henna tattoo! I may have developed an addiction for these since this trip. I am going to design one and get it done on my next trip – which may lead to me getting something permanent done.

The image below is one of my favourite. It is special being able to make memories with my little sisters – with 14 years between us one would not expect us to be so close, but I enjoy sharing my passion with them and watching their curiosity.




I will be sharing some of my favourite moments from our Koh Chang trip in the next post – the sunsets are something to look forward to!



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  1. Fantastic Photography. Brilliant writing too


    1. kaylanobregaphotography says:

      Thank you so much!!


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