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So, today I read an inspiring quote from a women’s business magazine that said, “Taking time to live your life will only inspire your work.” One of the things that I pride my photography on is how much I love people! I love living my  life with others! Sharing my experiences and memories and dreams and having other people share theirs with me is what makes me happy.

It so happens that the more people I meet – from different places, doing different things, speaking and cooking and dancing differently to what I am used to – the more inspired I become, and the more life I am able to incorporate into my photographs.

Yesterday I got to spend the day with Liah and her beautiful baby boy, Arthur Michal.


Arthur – meaning noble and courageous – is known by a variety of nicknames and he is only reaching the four-month mark this month. Two of my favourites being Aquaman and Ace!


Arthur has an endless supply of smiles and giggles…and drool. He fulfills all the descriptions pertaining to the phrase “bundle of joy.”



(This one above is my favourite!)



The next best thing to a happy baby is a sleeping baby! (I am sure most parents will agree with that statement).



And of course, a happy baby and a sleeping baby makes a happy mom!

I think the world often focuses on the chaos that is involved with being a mother, but spending time with Liah and Arthur showed me the peace that can actually come by spending time with your baby.



And me being me, I could not help myself when it came to Baby Arthur’s little fingers and toes!




(My first love when it comes to photography is black and white, but I could not resist this one in colour. Look at those toes!)

And the one whom God has blessed with all of the above is Jonny.


What a beautiful family and home he has – just one day with them in it has emphasized why I do what I do.


Because moments like these must be remembered forever, because they cannot be lived forever…

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