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It is the beginning of August and there is going to be a wedding!!


Unfortunately I will not be there as it is happening back home in South Africa, but this beautiful couple are getting married this month! Here is a little bit about them and photos from their engagement shoot with me last year…


Chio’s story of how the two met made me laugh!

“We met at a house party hosted by a popular Kenyan DJ who was visiting Johannesburg at the time. The minute Sam spoke to me I knew he wasn’t my type. He seemed to have a real knack at saying the wrong things. I only gave him my number because he was really persistent.” – Chio told me to read that in an annoyed tone, I was all giggles at this point. All she wanted was for him to leave her alone, and she intended on just ignoring his calls as well.

“Turns out he was a persistent caller too, so three months later I finally agreed to go on a date with him. The rest, as they say, is history.”


Meet our persistent groom! I asked him to share how he proposed, which he did by referring me to a blog post written by Chio – which you can read here if you would like more details.

To sum it up, Sam turned his apartment into a restaurant on one of their date nights. He achieved the ultimate romantic setting with candles and Chio’s favourite music playing in the background. He even decorated a path with her favourite pink rose petals, and they danced together. (My heart was already melting by this point of the story).

During the dance Sam knelt on one knee and asked Chio to marry him.

It is safe to say she said yes.



Sam describes Chio as a “quirky, intelligent, beautiful lady, with a heart of gold.” He emphasised how she loves to talk…and talk and talk, and watch make up tutorials (which he did not know existed in the abundance in which they do).


Chio says about Sam that “in addition to being stubborn, he is a stylish, reliable, hard-working, loving, present, God-fearing, family man, and CRM geek who loves a glass of red wine.”

Both of them told me that they cannot fit the other into just a few words so these are summarized descriptions of how they view each other. I love that their playfulness, love and respect for one another are obvious in the words that they chose to share.


Sam’s favourite aspect about Chio is her heart of gold. He says he prayed earnestly for someone with a good heart because everything flows from there. – God is good to hear and answer our prayers 🙂

Chio loves that Sam is present. She went on to tell me that she had surgery on her foot, twice, a few years ago. She was scared, but Sam was with her all the way. While resurfacing from the anesthesia she would be in and out of consciousness, but “I remember that no matter when my eyes fluttered open, even for a second, he was right there.” This has meant everything to Chio.


I asked the couple individually what they look forward to the most, and they both gave me the same answer. Sam put it this way, “Travelling without a doubt! I love driving and she loves being driven, and we both like to go to far away places.”


Lastly, Sam, Chio has this message for you:

“Babe, I thank God that you are annoyingly persistent. Over the past few years I have looked at you in a million ways and each time I was ever more certain that I love you…even when you were driving me batty. I am looking forward to being your wife.”

And Chio, Sam was very short and sweet:

“Mamoyo…let’s build a beautiful life together. I love you.”


From me; the next time I see you will be when you’re husband and wife. I pray for many beautiful years filled with special moments and nothing less than what God has planned for you. Love, health, happiness, and family xxx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeweloflove Kariz Njeri says:

    I love Chio and Sam’s story. It’s beautiful and I pray that they have a great life together. Love you guys!


  2. simba says:

    Chio & Sam all da best in ur life n GOD bless ur fmly.To u Chio dad is proud of u n hes watching over u.Uri Chioniso chemhuri yako nevamwe am proud of u sister


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