The Johnstone Family / Family Shoot / Marina, Dubai

The Marina Walk in Dubai is my favourite place here! Sunset hour is a magical time of light anywhere in the world, and it was fun to play with it in between the buildings of the Marina.

This past week we did a family shoot with the Johnstone’s who have a beautiful baby boy; Zion. I knew I would love the images when I saw how wonderfully they had coordinated their outfits. Zion was wearing a bow tie!


This beautiful little boy belongs to Leeroy and Sameeya. He is almost seven months old. Leeroy and Sameeya have been married for two and a half years, with a story that made my hopelessly romantic heart melt.


Leeroy and Sam went to the same school in India. They finished school, and left India – Leeroy went to Australia and Sam found herself in Dubai.



Years later, after not having been in contact at all, Leeroy and Sam bumped into each other while he was on holiday in Dubai. This happened exactly five years ago on the day we did this shoot – knowing this made me so excited!


To add to my excitement, Leeroy tells me that the next year on Valentine’s Day he moved to Dubai. Exactly a year later, on Valentine’s Day, Leeroy and Sam got engaged.

Wait for it…


And exactly a year later again, on Valentine’s Day again, they got married!



Then little Zion came along…

And here they are.

I enjoy it when the love of God is so evident in the lives and families of the people I meet. It is both encouraging and life-inspiring! This is true family goals.



I look forward to getting to know the Johnstone family, and families like them, during my stay in Dubai.


To book a family shoot with us, go to our contact page and send us an email. Or click on the social media links below to see more of our work and contact us there.

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  1. Adri Nobrega says:

    Hi Kayla this was very special as i to am attracted to romantic”things” Beautiful work and with Zion the mum is just as beautiful Thanks for including me to see something of what you are busy with Lots of love from ouma & oupa xx. O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kaylanobregaphotography says:

      Thank you Ouma! xxx


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