The Nobrega Family / Car wash / Springs, Dubai

Yesterday, despite the heat, we cleaned the cars. Mine is the smallest of all of them, and I had two extra pairs of hands, so it was finished first. The sun was setting – so you would think that it was cooling down; it was about thirty-five degrees (Celsius) – which means the light was perfect to play around with!

I also had two little girls who would not stop arguing with each other, and that actually made them appear more photogenic as the moods expressed on their faces were genuine.  I stuck to my preferred photo-journalistic style of shooting, and I have reached the conclusion that doing a family shoot while everyone washes a car is a grand idea!



IMG_8944 Just dance it out!

Then there was an argument about having turns with the hosepipe…




Turns with the hosepipe came to an end, and pack-up time ensued…




The girls switched between all sorts of moods, every one of which left me with amazing photographs! (They will appreciate these some day…)





There is something rather unique about a sibling argument. I see many characteristics in these two that existed in my other sister and I, and we are the best of friends now, so conflict of this sort does only make the relationship stronger.

None of the photographs were posed. I observed and photographed, and interrupted with, “No! Stop arguing!” and then photographed as well. Overall, I love the images that came from this, and hope to photograph a family shoot or a few themed around a car wash.

My favourite images are the three below:





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Adri Nobrega says:

    Great photos of the twins Sure they will love them one day Give them a hug from me xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kaylanobregaphotography says:

      Will do!! 🙂 ♡


  2. Kay says:

    These photo’s are stunning and the girls are getting to big to quick.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kaylanobregaphotography says:

      Thank you Aunty Kay 🙂 you won’t believe their personalities!!


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