GES / Middle East Event Awards / Madinat Hotel, Dubai

It was an unexpected pleasure to be a part of this event. The Middle East Event Awards were held this year at the Madinat Hotel in Jumeirah, Dubai. More specifically, it was catered for in their majestic Joharah Ballroom.



The reception hall was filled with different set ups from events companies – from sound to lighting to a robot pen that created artwork with unique precision. Kayla Nobrega Photography was there as the photographer for the head sponsors, GES, who had a lucky wheel spinning competition and photo booth for the winners.




The Middle East Event Awards is an annual celebration of the innovation in events planning and execution. The main part of the event, the awards ceremony and dinner, was held in the immaculate dining hall.



It was fantastically decorated; the atmosphere took my breath away when I first walked in. For a person who pays specific attention to detail, this room was a little piece of heaven. The evening was hosted by Ruby Wax who kept the audience entertained with her witty sense of humour.

The Managing Director of GES announced the first two awards recipients, and gave them the trophies that came along with the titles.



It was then time for me to go –  I thought the venue was beautiful during the day, but I had another view waiting for me once the sun had set.




Overall, the whole event appealed to my photographic senses and was a genuinely incredible experience!


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  1. Adri Nobrega says:

    Beautiful Kayla beautiful just like you,WOW !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kaylanobregaphotography says:

      Thank you Ouma 🙂


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