L & I / Wedding Day / Fabz Estate, South Africa

This wedding would take me a few posts to describe in full. There were many different moments that made up the whole day, and all of them were fun and intimate in their own ways – it’s difficult to choose which to share above others.

I have known Lekhotla and Ingrid for a while, and only found out they were a dating couple much later. After having found out, it only made perfect sense that they were. They are beautiful together!


Their wedding was on a sunny Saturday this April. The venue – Fabz Estate in Lonehill – was decorated with subtle colours, exquisite roses, and pale pink ribbons. The trees kept the sun at bay, and made a hot day very pleasant.



The groom and his groomsmen were looking classy, and ready to walk down the aisle to wait for the bride. While wearing the exact same outfit is traditional for the bridal party – apart from the bride and groom, of course – I do appreciate a well matched combination of different colours and styles.

The gents put themselves together quite well, won’t you say..?


The bride and her bridesmaids made their way down the aisle, lead by the cutest little flower girl.



It’s not every day I get to photograph weddings, but they are my favourite because you get to capture people at some of their best moments. The bridesmaids looked stunning!


The ceremony was filled with special and intimate words from Pastor Dave, vows and rings were exchanged, and laughter was present throughout.

Then came time for congratulations and celebration!



The reception was filled with friends and family and mentors sharing words of wisdom and encouragement, and then we were treated to the most delicious cake made by Aunty Bev at Cake by Design!


The next treat was a beautiful first dance, and later on an outfit change into skillfully designed African print clothes that helped end off the evening on a note of celebration and joy!



Lekhotla and Ingrid, thank you for letting me capture your beautiful day! You are incredible people, and – I’ll say it again – a beautiful couple!

Congratulations, and God bless you both.


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