Mist / Portrait Shoot / Bryanston, South Africa

Welcome to Kayla Nobrega Photography!

We are not new to the world of photography or blogging, but have spent a lot of time revamping and building anew for the convenience of our clients. We hope you enjoy the adventures and work that we share with you, and we hope to be sharing work featuring you soon.

I thought it would be fitting to kick-start our blog with our first shoot of 2016 – Finding her laugh again.


In early January, a friend and I decided to dress up and drive down to one of my favourite locations in South Africa. It is a beautiful tree park that was glorified by the setting sun. The sky was on fire while we moved about the pine forest. There weren’t any people around so we had all the space we needed to get some really great images based on the ideas inspired by the setting.


This was not a planned shoot so we did not know what to expect, but I am very happy with the end results. So is my model. We were able to conceptualize the shoot personally for her which I think is why it is still one of my favourite shoots so far.



I think my favourite characteristic present in most shoots is that it never remains the job of one person to be creative. It becomes such a pleasure contributing and combining ideas. I guess this is the reason I often use pronouns in their plural form when sharing these stories – I cannot claim that I am solely responsible for the creativity you will see in every shoot. It is a joy working with people to make their ideas come to life before their eyes.

IMG_6289 filter3


Photography & editing: Kayla Nobrega Photography

Model: Mist Jenkins

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